“I have been using natural deodorants for many years. I’ve tried dozens and every single one of them has caused some type of irritation, some worse than others. Even the ones made for “sensitive skin.” But IYOBA Probiotic Deodorant is hands down the best. First, it smells amazing and lasts all day long. It even works through and covers up stress sweat. It healed the rash left by my previous deodorant and my skin feels softer. I will absolutely buy again and recommend to everyone I know!”
– Michelle B.

 IYOBA herbal hair mist 
“I’m a convert! I used the soap, the Face Oil, the Hair Mist, and the house spray… and to be honest I don’t think I’m gonna be able to live without them now!”
– Sabina M.

“The Nourish Root Elixir is the only thing that helps me manage my seborrheic dermatitis. It relieves the itch, the scaling, and the build up overnight.”
– Sara A.

“The Hair + Body Honey left my very dry hands feeling incredibly soft!”
– Jamaal T.