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IYOBA is now available at Target!

Goin' on a TARGET run? Look for us!

We're beyond thrilled to share that with your support from last year's KIVA campaign, we've been able to partner with TARGET to make our all-natural Hair + Body care products more widely available across the nation!

The next time you're browsing the aisles at your local TARGET, don't forget to swing by the personal care section to snag a few of our bestselling Artisan Soaps!

And if you're the online-shopping-at-TARGET type, you can add our Sugar Body Scrub or Hair+Body Honey to your cart, too.

Click on the interactive map below to find a store near you!

Artisan Soaps

available in stores + online

Sugar Body Scrub

available online at Target.com

Hair+Body Honey

available online at Target.com