Our Founder's Skincare Routine


Efiya's 4-step Routine for Radiant Skin

STEP 1: Gently cleanse with a mild soap – I ❤️ the Tomato Face Soap and have been using it for years.
STEP 2: I love a good face mask, especially a hydrating one that leaves my skin feeling extra soft and supple. Once a week, I add a little rose water (any kind of water will do) to our Moisturize Face Mask to give my skin some extra love. 
STEP 3: After cleansing and masking, I always apply the Renew Face Elixir – one of my favorites. It absorbs quickly and works great as a makeup primer. Our customers love it, too!
STEP 4: I don't leave the house without putting on some SPF to protect my skin from UV rays and reducing premature aging. 
BONUS STEPS: Get some morning movement in to start your day. I begin most days with a morning walk which increases the body's blood circulation and oxygen supply. Getting the blood pumping can help reduce puffiness in the face and provides a natural energy boost (and puts you in a good mood!) 
Getting enough sleep, eating plenty of fruits and veggies, and staying hydrated throughout the day also helps make my skin look its best.