Loving Your Luscious Locks 101

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Whether you wear your hair in braids, waves, knots, locs, up, down, or however you rock your crown – we got some tips for you. 

Making sure your hair stays moisturized can keep it from breakage, tangles, and unruly frizz. Use oils, creams, or our Herbal Hair Mist to maintain healthy, hydrated hair. Our formula is easy to apply and works across many hair types and styles including braids, locs, natural curls, protective styles, and naturally straight hair. Silk protein and Irish Moss make this a deeply conditioning & softening anti-breakage formula. Rosemary, sage and tea tree are included to regulate scalp oils and replace them with lightweight moisture.

A healthy scalp can make or break your hair, so don't sleep on scalp health! A clean scalp can promote good cell turnover and a healthy environment for optimal hair growth and texture. Oiling your scalp with black seed, jojoba, or castor oil a few times a week to a few times a month (depending on how oily your hair and scalp are) moisturizes the scalp, eases flakes, and enhances hair health. Our Nourish Root Elixir contains rosemary and lemon essential oils to purify the skin and decrease scalp flakes, and jojoba oil to offer hydration and nutrients to the tissue in order to combat dehydration.

Too much heat, excessive manipulation, and synthetic hair products can easily damage your hair and scalp. Limit heat for your hair and air-dry (we know, it takes forever...) as much as you can. Additionally, do one protective style for the whole week and change for the next. Don't skip on conditioning regularly and be sure to thoroughly rinse your scalp to reduce buildup!