Energizing Spring Bath Ritual

washing hands
🌼 Energizing Spring Bath Ritual 🌼
Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, and also a time for transitions and rooting in. As we witness the natural world around us, we see signs of fresh starts everywhere – tender green leaves sprouting, warmer mornings. 'Tis the season for lifted moods, more energy, and shedding old skins so we can grow into fuller forms. 

Bathing has been a symbol for blessings and purification since ever since. Immersing oneself in water can offer soothing, healing and regenerating properties. 

Harness the bountiful energy of spring with this restorative bath ritual:

Here's what you'll need:
  • 1/2 cup of epsom salt
  • 1/4 cup of your favorite herbs or flowers
    (We love sage, rosemary, peppermint, orchids, and jasmine for their energizing properties)
  • Your favorite crystals (we like Green Aventurine, Moss agate, Aquamarine, or Rose Quartz for their connection to growth, love, and new beginnings)
  • Lemongrass + Coconut Massage + Bath Oil – Add a few drops to your bath. The invigorating fragrance of lemongrass will awaken your senses. Use the oil to gently massage achy arms, legs, and neck while enjoying the warm bath
  • Moisturize face mask – contains roses and honey (spring goodness!) and hydrates and nourishes to produce radiant, fresh, and supple looking skin
  • Floral water to mix with face mask (optional)
Once you have your items prepared, create an inviting space for your bath. Turn the lights down, put on some ambient music, light some candles. Add the salts, herbs, crystals, and whatever else you feel called to include for your bath. Embody the vision you have for yourself. Journal about your experience and set intentions for the energy you want to invite into your life.