5 ways to remedy dry skin in the fall

putting lotion on hands
If your skin has been feeling extra dry, cracked, or flaky these days, you're certainly not alone. Autumn air is colder and drier, and the humidity drops significantly leaving our skin feeling parched. Other seasonal culprits for drying out skin include taking hotter showers, wearing wool sweaters that can cause itchiness, turning the heater on inside, and maybe celebrating our Libra friends a little too hard – since alcohol and coffee can cause dehydration – and hydrating our skin from the inside is just as important as it is from the outside. 
Here are 5 ways to keep your skin glowin' all year long:
  1. Think twice about turning that lever all the way to "H" in the shower. I know, I know – it's hella cold out and nothing feels better than a hot shower to start your day or end your night. But hot water can leave your skin feeling drier than it needs to be because it removes natural oils from the skin. Wash with lukewarm water and use a mild soap to cleanse
  2. Moisturize your skin as soon as you get out of the shower. Applying our Hair+Body Honey before your skin has a chance to fully dry will lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated. For facial moisturizing, our Renew Face Elixir is perfect for any skin type as it nourishes and lightly moisturizes. This formula also helps regulate sebum production in oily skin without oil-stripping agents that can further signal overproduction of your natural oils.
  3. Sweater weather is officially here! Ready to throw on that cute wool sweater you've been waiting to show off? Hang on, though – fabrics like wool and synthetics like rayon or polyester can cause irritation, leaving you with itchy skin. and dryness + itchy skin = not cute. So, you might want to layer it with a cotton shirt to prevent rubbing on your skin. 
  4. Another great way to lock in moisture for your face in the fall is to use hydrating masks. Our Rose & Honey Moisturize Face Mask hydrates and nourishes to produce radiant, fresh, and supple looking skin. Simply add water, aloe vera gel or floral waters, mix apply to face and neck, let dry and rinse.  
  5. Can't forget about those lips. Wind, sun exposure, and dry air can leave your lips feeling chapped and looking inflamed. The lips are far more vulnerable to damage when they are not properly hydrated, and our Avocado Lip Butter is the perfect way to ensure that lips retain moisture and remain in good health. The lip butter is made entirely from organic ingredients to protect your skin and the rest of your body from harmful toxins and synthetics.