4 "Hacks" for Our Bestselling Products

black woman posing with IYOBA product

Multiple ways to use a single product? Dope. Easy ways to save money? Cool. Added ways to get us lookin' and feelin' our best? Sign us up!

We're committed to making effective, all-natural 
Hair+Body, Face, and Home
products for the people. Here are 4 everyday "hacks" to get the most out of our bestselling products: 

1. Hair + Body Butter

Our Hair+Body butter is loved for her skin and hair moisturizing abilities (we love to apply it right out of the shower!) But did you know that she works overtime as a healing salve for atopic dermatitis and dry patches, too? She also acts as a scar-fading and stretch mark-preventing balm, and she helps increase hair elasticity!

2. Artisan Soap Cubes

Don’t let your favorite soap bar drift down the drain before you get a chance to enjoy every last lather. When you cut your bar into cubes you’re able to:⁣⁣

  • preserve your soap for longer⁣⁣
  • share a cube with a friend⁣⁣
  • use your soap for traveling⁣⁣
3. Detox Face Mask

Our Charcoal + Red Clay Detox Face Mask gently cleanses, smooths, and rejuvenates the skin. This mask is perfect for a deep pore detox facial cleanse and great for oily or acne prone skin. Simply add water, aloe vera gel or floral waters, mix and apply to face and neck, let dry and rinse. And, if you're transitioning to natural deodorant, you may have heard that aluminum-free deodorants have a “transitional phase” (which can also mean a transitional smell). That smell can last between 2-4 weeks. Use our Detox Face Mask as an underarm detox mask to shorten the transition process!

4. Nourish Root Elixir 

If we could pour this formula into a bath tub and just swim in it, we would. Nourish Root Elixir contains rosemary and lemon essential oils to purify the skin and decrease scalp flakes. Jojoba oil provides hydration and nutrients to the tissue in order to combat dehydration and ensure that the skin does not become overly dry due to the clarifying effects of the ingredients. The elixir has a beautiful fragrance from cedarwood, lavender and other essential oils. And she's not just great for your head and scalp, ya'll. You can use this formula as a scalp oil, body oil, and even face oil. What's more? This oil is also amazing for athlete's foot and treating poison ivy rashesShe be doin' the most, and we love her for it.